My Backyard Chronicles!

It’s Friday again, finally!

It was a beautiful day in the Bethesda, MD area. Sunny and cool with just the right amount of fresh air. I got the chance to catch up with an old friend of mine in the backyard where we shared some old time experiences over a bottle of New Zealand sauvignon blanc. The garden was evergreen with blossoming flowers. We could hear the birds chirping in the background as we discussed politics, ( like the current James Comey (former FBI Director) testimony before the senate), business ideas, my long term aspirations,  and of course my current love life, lol.


Things got a little emotional early on during the week as we each poured our hearts and tears out to each other. I shared with my friend that I was corresponding with an individual I’ve got a lot of esteem and feelings for, but still battle with how sustainable this would be in the long run due to the distance between us.


I usually get great advice from her with regards to life – and although she wants me to be a little more realistic and objective about the sustainability of such a friendship, I choose to follow my intuition, as the final decision is mine. I’m at a point in my life where my happiness is paramount; carpe diem! In the end, if things don’t work out, I’ll know for sure I gave happiness a try, rather than forever regret not attempting.


On the beauty and sartorial side of things, I use BrightenMi NUTMEG fade milk to even my skin. The floral dress from 2 seasons ago is by H&M, bracelet by Chanel (spring 2017 collection), and teal high heel sandals by Gianvito Rossi.


Thanks for stopping by and see you next time.



Written by Lily